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2 Day Decorative Concrete Training
September 18th & 19th
Please call for details

Heiser’s Decorative Concrete Training and Supply is now open.

We are Nebraska’s first full service decorative concrete supplier and training facility. We offer a full line of decorative concrete materials and supplies from color hardener and release agent to acid and water-based stains. We offer Tom Graf’s Quick-Tops concrete countertop mix, which are easy to use and allow for unlimited creativity for countertops as well as pre-cast fireplace mantles, furniture, tiles, and more. We offer stamp and other equipment rental, such as a polisher for countertops. Finally a stainer or stamper can come into one local facility and purchase stains, overlays, black pads, overlay materials, rollers, and receive technical advice.

We offer expert advice on all aspects of decorative concrete. The owners are nationally recognized award winners in the decorative concrete industry. They have a combined 40 years experience in concrete.

We are asked Why would your competition buy from you? Why would you train your competition? Our answer is this- We believe that the more good quality, beautiful installations of decorative concrete occur the more the market will grow for us all. We also believe we can offer quality materials at good prices. We are not product reps that tell you this product will “weld a joint together and NEVER crack”. If the products have worked for us then we will sell it! If the product is not used in the field by us then we won’t sell it! Simply put- who would you rather get materials from? A chain store with good people behind the counter, but who have never made their living in our market, or two guys that have had the experience like you of having a beautiful job disputed because of one square foot area.

What will Heiser’s do for you? Don’t miss our Countertop Class June 06, 09

  • Provide expert training
  • Lower inventory costs
  • A full range of decorative concrete products
  • Affordable prices
  • Equipment rental

To better serve the green movement we can also save you money on 5 gallon pails of liquid release and xylene- just bring in your old containers of liquid release and xylene and we will knock $6.00 off our already low price. Stop out and see other cost saving discounts on stencils, stains, countertop mix and more.

We are currently putting in shelving, displays etc., but we are open. During our remodel please check out some of these specials- We are currently offering $5.00 off each bag of Tom Graf’s concrete countertop mix, and receive a free manual on how to install Quick-tops.

  • Color hardener- $34.50
  • Release Agent- $60.00
  • Acid stain – ½ gallon $31.00 full gallon $48.00
  • Liquid release- $72.00- SAVE $6.00 if you bring an old liquid release pail
  • Stamp rental –singles $12.50 triples are $35.00 each.



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